The 9th of November 2016, Donald Trump: President-elect of the United States of America.

The outcry of the world as humans everywhere wake up to the news that one of the most politically dividing personalities in recent times has accrued over 58 million votes and will be moving into the coveted white walls.

Usually things like this upset me, I suffered through a Scottish independence result, the turning of our backs on the European Union and now mere months later the new, extreme leader of the “free” world. What’s the explanation to the lack of tears? Indyref and Brexit led to my continued disillusionment with the current state of the world reaching a climax as I wiped away the tears on those strange and oddly quiet days. They felt like mourning periods, but with every mourning period and with every twist of a knife there comes a point where the knife just stops hurting.

As social media goes into meltdown over Trump’s victory, I sit in silence questioning why I am almost cynical in my way of dealing with this. I suffered, now everyone else will suffer and then we will finally learn from our mistakes and be better for it. I want to be upset, I want to feel like the election of Trump makes me question the world; it doesn’t. 

I lived in California for almost a year in 2o14, living with a republican family I experienced the racist undertone of American culture first hand. Not only did I lose faith in America during my time there but, with the parallel loss of Scottish Independence I also lost faith in the world. 

My cynical and depressed view of the world has got to the point where I feel like the only way that the human race will learn from the continued mistakes and repetitions of history is by seeing the world we take for granted fall to pieces in front of our own eyes. I look at the world around me and I feel like I’m the only one that seems to notice the animal-like tendencies we have to make the same mistakes over and over again. So as the world seems to be having its eyes forced upon a disastrous situation with the election of Donald Trump, the vote for Brexit and the continued rise of racially and greed driven politics – I feel like I look on from afar watching the mistakes, disheartened and lost. 

The greed that suffocates us all ruins the beauty of the life we’ve been given. Until that greed disappears, if it disappears, we can not move on as society: We will forever be lost in the vicious circle of life, the vicious reality that we are all on our own in this shit-filled world of pure hatred. 

And on that bleak note,

Catch you next time, between twelve and two.


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